So How to Become a Chocolate Expert?


Chocolatey, caramel like aroma with some sort of dark roasted nuts and coffee. Velvety…. smooth, creamy and heavenly coat of chocolate that wraps around your tongue. (Uff! Am i hallucinating or just enjoyed the whole sensation? )

Enjoying the chocolates for free and get paid for it? Who wouldn’t want to be a chocolate expert??

Well the question is… are you qualified? is that easy as it sounds? or just candy coated?

Let me share my experience.

I got qualified to do the sensory screening at Mars GCC. For those who doesn’t know Mars, just look at these picture below,.. Oh yeah, they are the creator of this sinful pleasures.


I never done this before but i did my homework 🙂 Just like other food sensory evaluation, they will test your senses, basically for this type its the sense of taste – sweet, salty , bitter, and sour. And the sense of smell for the odor or aroma.


Anxiously waiting,.. staring at the colorful M&M wall with chocolates offered on every single corner of the room. Ms. Febin, the Sensory Panel Leader finally came and guide us to the sensory room. We started by filling out a form, followed by the Chocolate test 🙂 yummy! then screening. Which, just like anyone else who did this exam found it to be the most exhausting part. Why? Imagine your self smelling 12 kinds of liquid in a tinted cough-medicine-like bottle EACH test, rating it from weakest to strongest, and determining if it is pure or not pure (contaminated).

Then a test for the palate. Tasting 7 types of sweetness, saltiness, bitterness and sour or acid level and determine if it is pure or not pure.. whew!!.. by mid of the test my head starts calling it a time out. With a little break, walking around to refresh my senses. I came back and continued till its done.

My advise is to take it easy, relax and enjoy the whole process. That way you will have a better sniff and palate. Oh dont forget to inhale a coffee bean in between the smelling session to equalize your sense of smell and to drink water and eat Sky Flakes a type soda cracker in between the tasting session.

By the way Mars offered the chocolate expert position as a part time job, suitable for moms, and for those who dont work. In my case it doesn’t work, though i want to be called as a “chocolate expert” but I have a full time 9-6 job, and a blog to update.  HoweverI clearly discuss this with the evaluator and it’s totally fine.


The sensory screening is just the preliminary step, there’s still a lot of test to do (which i will not be able to attend). However I will keep you posted for the result next week. Hope you enjoy and whenever you have chance to do a sensory evaluation please dont forget to share your experience with me.

Besos y Abrazos!


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