A Walk to the Old part of Dubai



Friday was slightly unplanned. But we dont want to waste the unusual cloud and cool breeze as temperature slowly dropping than usual. 


So we visited the Old part of Dubai.. I know, i know not so exciting but most expat like me (or atleast me i dont know about others) never been here, i was only introduce in the upscale city side of Dubai . So why not become a tourist and do the sight seeing 🙂 lol


We planned to see the Dubai museum and the heritage village, however even i am here for almost 3 years now i still dont know where exactly it is, so when we reached Bur Dubai we just walked the stretch of the creekside.  Before reaching the creekside we passed by a street called Meena Bazaar, difficult to get to and first-timers might be swindled, but it still attracts people from all over for traditional (i must say Indian) shopping experience. There will be blaring horns, shops jazzed up with loud, decorative lights and people haggling at shops is a common scene that greets one and all at Meena Bazaar. 




After that we reached the “Old Souk” or the old market where we found this cute stuff.. keep in mind that this is a tourist place so prices might be higher than usual  –  try to bargain. 




After passing the old souk, we then reached the creekside where Abra station is. Being said that ive been here for almost three years i still didnt try to ride one of this Abras’ , so we give it a shot, for one ride which will take you to the other side Deira if you are in Bur Dubai (like us),  will cost you for only Dhs 1 per peron. Cheapest transpo ever!




The ride just took us 2-3mins




Once there,   we reached out to one of the coconut vendor to quench our thirst.  Cost is Dhs 6 for a fresh coconut. 




You will also find this indian food stalls for some quick snack. 




Since all our attention and eyes sees only food, its a sign that we have to find a place for dinner. And to experience the whole “touristic” feel we decided to take one of the Dhow cruise along the creek where they offer a 2 hours of dhow ride, a buffet dinner and some entertainment. So then another Abra ride back to Bur Dubai. 

There will be an array of Dhow that offers you a ride with dinner and some entertainment. You just have to be smart and find the cheapest one with the help of “bargaining”. From Dhs 200 per person we got ours for only Dhs 120 each. 

Tip: look for a great deal at groupon.ae, or cobone.com,  they offer upto 50% discount.



Most of the Dhow leaves at 8:30pm and back at 10:30pm.



You have an option to seat inside which is in the lower deck and outside at the upper deck.



Once seated you will be offered a welcome drink.



The buffet was a selection of  “not so” Arabic cuisine from soup, salad, grilled, fried and curry items and dessert . Its wasn’t bad  BUT  it wasnt good as well.




And the so called “entertainment” .

Just a suggestion,  try to get involved its so much fun!





Besos y Abrazos!


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