eatShayne’s recommends | Barracuda – tasty and healthy seafood place in Jumeirah

The Barracuda restaurant is one of Dubai’s hidden fish and seafood haven. It is one of those restaurant that became famous by words-of-mouth (like the low key Fish Shack place). With people talking and raving about how good this place is, and with our numbers of delayed and changed plan,  Jordi and I finally gave it a try.

Barracuda is located on the strip of Jumeirah 3 beach road. When you spot a  (funny looking) big fish tail on the roof top for sure its the one. The restaurant is simple and casual, perfect for after work dinner where you just want to be yourself and eat the way you want.

Once stepped in reserve your table immediately (very important as there’s a tendency this place will get packed in a minute while you’re taking time at the fish counter) and head to fish and seafood counter with menu in hand, why? so you have a better understanding of what they offer.

Then select the size and weight, and how you would like it cooked. Options include; “Singary”, where the fish is opened, bones removed, and it is cooked with seasoning; “Lemon and Oil”, where fish is oven-grilled and spinkled with olive oil and lemon; or “Radda”, which is the healthiest method. Our choice is the one with tomatoes and yummy seasoning. The menu also offer an array of soups, salads and curries, which we have to try on our next visit. We got a handful of clams, a couple of shrimps and a medium sized fish

Aside from the selection of starters and salads in the menu, a waiter pushing a trolley with variety of tasty dips and “tapenade-like” dish will come to your table to nibble while waiting. We had the mix seafood, which I personally like, its flavorful with a kick and green hummus (as they call it). Surprisingly good with a freshness feel – a change from the regular hummus dip.

A few minutes food starts to come.

A clam shaped plate full of steamed or somewhat sauted clams presented right before us. We cannot wait to put our fingers on it they where so tasty that we can’t stop reaching back and forth once we’ve started. Ending up using the shells to spoon the awesome juices. Or else grab those arabic bread that comes with the starters, to get the most of it because the only thing that you can afford to miss is the runny white dip.

Next is the grilled shrimp ala Sangry. Have I told you how much I love shrimp , they were so tender, so yummy and good that we regret why we ordered only two.

Finally the “butterflied” or opened and semi de-boned fish cooked ala Sangry. The mix of tomatoes and seasoning perfectly compliment the somewhat mild flavor of the fish. So moist and fresh that you don’t need a lemon.

They also serve you slices of watermelon to wash away the seafood flavor at the end of the meal.

With satisfied feeling, happy tummy and mind carried away picturing our selves with this awesome meal in a beautiful beach, we thought about an ice cold beer or a bottle of white alongside,.. Uff..! Regretably, they don’t offer alcohol.

And oh!, if you think that the meal is cheap or pricey, well somehow its in between, actually depends on what type of fish or seafood you order. But I’m telling you its worth every penny spent. From our first visit we spent more or less Dhs 160 for a big frizzy water, two whole grilled fish a la Sangry, a bowl of salad and two dips or mezza from the trolley. And around Dhs 190 from this second visit. Service also vary and we’ve experienced both good and bad.

Barracuda is on Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 3

Tel: +971 4 394 0408

Besos y Abrazos!!


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