The Gold Cafe @ Mall of the Emirates Dubai

This is going to be a quick review NOT a recommendation.
Since me and Jordi often go to practice my Ski at the Mall of Emirates, we always passed by this Gold Cafe and we tend to walk staring at this place. Well who will not.. The place is  preciously decorated with posh and elegant gold accent design, fit for those who want to “show up”, a place to meet up for your very first date and for those who want to spend double. It just made us so curious so we gave it  a try..
 The Gold Cafe offer a pretty decent selection in their menu from pastries garnished with edible thin sheets of gold, small cakes, muffins, macarons  flacky croissant,  to sandwhiches, salads, mocktails and of course coffee and tea. I know it sounds so good and so irresistable  to look at but we are not a big fun of sweets..
We opt for coffee to gave us some warmth and wake up our senses prior to our ski.. I ordered the good ol cappuccino and Cafe late for Jordi, both cost Dhs 33 each, yes you see it right its freakin Dhs 33 thats almost US $9 per cup of somewhat warm coffee. Its just way to much compare to a grande of latte. Stick to your regular coffee shop (as for me its either nero or costa cafe) because thecoffee taste is way way better than here.. maybe you’ll find your coffee at home better than what they offer. (this is my own opinion and base on my own reference)
By the way they offer this mini chocolate along with your coffee.. you may chose between bitter sweet chocolate – coated with gold dust and milk/semi sweet chocolate with gooey fudge inside.. I prefer the bitter sweet.
Besos y Abrazos!!
Next post is the Fierce Potato..

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