I met the world’s only five Michelin starred female chef


My Jordi at San pol de Mar

Good day Sunshine!

Its been a while.. I know, you must be thinking that I might be lost somewhere. Well if you where following my previous post, I went for a holiday in an amazing, and shall i say muy  delicioso Spain. Just so you know before I had this blog I was constantly following the show of  Gwyneth Paltrow, Mario Battali, Bitman and the gorgeous Claudia Bassols, got a clue ?  … oh yes its the Spain: On the Road Again.  I was so into it that I finally traveled to one of the major city of Spain – Barcelona and manage to visit the place where they’ve been.( Just visit my previous post about my visit to Spain and you’ll see. )

I dont know why but in just a matter of a stroke of breathe the moment i stepped out of the plane i fell in love with this city, its people and the FOOD 🙂

Speaking of food, the last few days of my food and travel in Barcelona, Jordi took me to San pol de Mar, located on the coast between Calella and Canet de Mar in Catalonia Spain.  Its one of those places that Gwyneth and Mario visited and on that particular area they dined in Sant Pau restaurant owned by the world’s only five-Michelin-starred female chef, Carme Ruscalleda.

For me when i was there standing outside of her restaurant it was like a dream come true, you know just to be there and see it  for real is already like a wish came true for me. But of course I want to meet Carme Ruscalleda in person but who am I that she will have time for right? I am not an Oscar winner like Gywneth and a Masterchef like Mario Batali. But what happened was, when I was standing there outside right next to the restaurants logo with Jordi infront of me who was about to take my picture, suddenly Carme Ruscalleda came out of no where! I mean seriously, with no bullshit here. I cant even say a word when I saw her, i was completely starstruck.


She’s so humble and kind, and i felt lucky that even though she’s extremely busy she still accommodate us and spent her few minutes listening to Jordi explaining why im such a big fun of her and how I got to know her, for some snaps and for signing my cookbook.


Barcelona grants my wish even for the last few days 🙂 There’s no word to describe that day and that moment, it was completely magic.

 Things that I will definitely do, is to save money every single day to travel back and afford her €150 chef’s menu and to cook every single dish in her cook book for antiaging 🙂 – not bad right? An antiaging way to start the new year.


So watch out for more exciting stories that happened in Barcelona plus my journey of cooking every single dish of the world’s five Michelin starred female chef cookbook.

Un gran Besos y Abrazos!!!!!


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