Shayne @ La Sagrada Familia


This is going to be short and sweet . I hope you enjoy . Cheers!

It was boxing day, the day were me Jordi visited one of the most astonishing and eye popping icon in Barcelona, and i guess you cannot afford to miss  this, it’s one of  Antoni Gaudi’s creation the La Sagrada Familia. It was literally wowwing and aww so inspiring. I was completely amazed.

Each and every single corner, curves, lines and details are well hand crafted. Every piece has its own characteristic and meaning. In the eyes of the observer, the ceiling looks like a forest of trees with beautiful alignments, of which you can see the trunk, the branches and a cluster of leaves. In this forest of columns, the light filtered through the windows will give a bucolic appearance and give a feeling of undergrowth.


This photo is one portion of the entrance door.


It said that it has always been an expiatory church, which means that since the outset, 131 years ago now, it has been built from donations. The building is in the centre of Barcelona, and over the years it has become one of the most universal signs of identity of the city and the country. The building is still going on and could be finished some time. “Inshallah!”

The church has stained glass on various windows and openings. The main window of the transept of the Passion façade represents the resurrection, the stained glass of the sides and the main nave will symbolise the saints and shrines linked to the local church represented on each column. The upper stained glass windows of the side naves will illustrate Jesus” words “I am the way, the truth and the life”, “The resurrection”, etc. The stained glass windows in the central nave will have no colour and will be made with plain, translucent or opaque glass to symbolise purity, and to allow the maximum amount of light to enter the interior.



The Passion façade is so called because it represents the Passion of Jesus, in other words, the pain, the sacrifice and the death, as staged along the twelve stations of the cross, expressed in highly dramatic and emotionally intense sculpture.


The Nativity façade celebrates the birth of Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God made man. It is also referred to as the façade of Life, of Joy, or of Christmas. It is inspired by the gospels about the childhood of Jesus: Lk 1:5-2:51; Mt 1-2.


The cloister runs all around the church and is only interrupted by the doors and the apse, so that it acts as a protective wall that guards the interior of the church and separates it from the outside noise. And so we can say that Gaudí uses the exact meaning of the word ‘cloister’, which means ‘close’.  The cloister is also an element that connects the different parts and allows processions to pass through in certain religious solemnities. For that reason Gaudí said: “The cloister will be made for praying the rosary in procession.”


And look what i found, perhaps people you may not even pay attention to this. I cannot blame them though as there are a lot of things to see there.



When the church is finish it will have 18 towers: 12 dedicated to the apostles, 4 to the evangelists, one to Jesus and another to Mary.


Admission information at La Sagrada Familia 

Basilica visit   13.50 €
Basilica visit + Gaudí House-Museum   17.00 €
Basilica Sagrada Família + Gaudí House-Museum (guided or with audio guide)   21.50 € (Sagrada Família only)
Note that the admission charge does NOT include the visit to the towers. The admission charge ONLY includes admission to the church. All services are charged separately. So spend wisely.
Opening times
October to March, 9.00 to 18.00 h
April to September, 9.00 to 20.00 h
* 25 and 26 December – 1 and 6 January, 9.00 to 14.00 h
No tickets will be sold after 15 minutes before closing time.

After this aww so amazing tour, you might be wondering where our inspired hearts and empty stomach took us for some good lunch.

This will be posted on my next post.

Hope you enjoyed.

Till then.



2 responses to “Shayne @ La Sagrada Familia

  1. interesting… i didn’t know that there will be 18 towers when it’s done. i went there two weeks ago, and i really liked the gold triangle on the top. what was your favorite?

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