Me and my beloved love for new food finds has Kris-Kros again


Well, well, well! I’m typing this with puzzled thoughts in my mind! Still trying to figure out how that happened.

I hope you’re well. Things are all right here, I’m still bummed with report, especially given the fact that I have exactly six days in a week of work. I have never felt so simultaneously capable and incompetent. Im still trying to figuring it out, to juggle work and hobby.

Last week someone asked me how’s my food blogging going on. Well uhmm.. kinda stuck literally stuck as i am not able to do it anymore, but hang on!! somehow somewhere there’s always something that would kick my butt off again and start writing.  I have to say, this newly born hip and eclectic lounge and cafe bring it all back to me.

Ive been waiting for Kris Kros to finally opened its door  –  actually I don’t have a smidgen of patience left to brave the snakeathon of traffic between me and my beloved love for new food finds i immediately reserve myself to hop in and try what Kris Kros has to offer.


Promised “Cuisines around the world”, I am expecting to have something that would let my senses travel. I would also like to believe that I have a duty to keep my taste buds updated with what’s going on on The Other Side. Just so I’m learning new flavours and not missing any good stuff.

Kris Kros was chosen for all of the reasons above, the verdict of replica on “cuisine around the world?? Pretty darn good. Good enough that this could be one of my new fave place to chill and enjoy surprisingly refreshing mocktails..


Here’s the virgin version of Mule one of the manager named Gorge recommendation to cool down and refresh ourselves from an oven-like temp of Dubai. It could have been better if theres some Tequila on it.


Next is my perfectly spiced Fajita Chicken salad load with tangy lemon dressing and some Jalapeno peppers for some kick. By the way the chicken was moist and well seasoned. Just enough to fill me in.


There’s a lot more to chose from for those who constantly keeping their eyes with their love handles.. 🙂


Unfortunately that salad was really fulfilling with some babaganoush along side that i couldnt explore more the menu.. Fortunately the manager was generous and paternal enough to take good care of us to bring some this cream-coloured dappled puffed discs, spoon over a knob of vanilla ice cream, and then drizzle over a honey.


Andfor some piff-puffing Shisha – oh yes they offer this and a must try flavor is the Kris Kros special 🙂


I will admit that I nearly wept when I saw the damage. I really need to stop doing price comparisons, I’m sure Kris Kros can give me a million justifiable reasons why the price needs to be abit higher. But it hurts nevertheless. It hurts that our compadres, amigos, amores across the ocean can scarf down two of those for the price.

Bottom line, if you’re stranded in that massive labyrinth called Downtown or Dubai Mall, this hip nice cool place would be a pretty decent pit stop during your shopping marathon.


as always

Besos y Abrazos!

KRIS KROS fuses culinary favorites with a fresh, modern touch is located at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Boulevard Plaza Tower II, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: 04 453 9994


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