About Me


My name is Shayne

…i am

a  foodie
a filipino.
a sister.
a daughter.
a dreamer.
an aspiring chef 🙂

…i love
to eat.
to dance.
to read.
to write.
to imagine.
to think about food.
to travel.

…i adore
to see people with spark and joy in their face while talking about their passion in life,
sharing time with friends and family,
the ocean,
old cities,
singing in the shower,
the smell of freshly baked bread, cinnabon,
hot chocolate, coffee
taking naps
watching sun rise and sun set
ice cream cone.

…i can never have enough
…did I say shoes?

i can’t help but i don’t mind…
being foodie and 5 feet 6 inches tall
wear the most genious invention in the world – HEELS
sing my heart out while taking a shower
believing that everyone has the right to experience true joy.

Thank YOU for stopping by and WELCOME to my blog page!

If you have any question, Suggestion or just want to say hi. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email to eatshayne@gmail.com

Besos Y Abrazos!!


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